May 11-12, 2022 | National Harbor, MD

DSI’s 2nd Annual Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (PNT) Summit will bring together members of the Military Services, DoD, Federal Government, Industry, and Academia in a “Town-Hall” style forum to discuss the modernization of the PNT enterprise to strengthen U.S. national defense.  This Summit will aim to boost the resiliency and security of GPS and GNSS as well as integrate efficient, effective alternate sources of PNT.  With this, the 2022 Summit will aim to protect and enable the proper functioning of US critical infrastructures as well as the execution of all joint force missions.


2022 Speakers Included:

John Sherman
Chief Information Officer



Harold W. Martin III, SES
National Coordination Office for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing

Michael Monteleone, SES
Acting Director, APNT/Space CFT
Army Futures Command

Cordell DeLaPena, SES
PEO for Military Communications and PNT
Space Systems Command


Karen Van Dyke
Director, PNT & Spectrum Management



CAPT Andrew Gibbons, USN
PM, Navy Communications and GPS Navigation Program Office
PMW/ A 170


Download the 2022 Agenda


Why You Should Attend This Summit:

DSI’s 2022 Assured PNT Summit will provide the Military Services, DoD, Federal Government, Research Labs, Industry, and Academia the opportunity to discuss ways to modernize and advance the development and integration of resilient, secure PNT systems. This year’s Summit will explore the nation’s civil, commercial, and military infrastructures that depend on GPS and GNSS and efforts to develop alternative and complementary sources of PNT for a more varied, robust defense.

PNT has become such a central component in our modern society and technology that ensuring its functionality is a national security priority. Because the U.S. relies on GPS as our main source of PNT, a disruption or degradation of the service could significantly disrupt the proper functioning of our financial, health, electrical grid, transportation, and military operations. The 2022 PNT Summit will discuss what the future of PNT innovation looks like as we attempt to strengthen GPS and deliver alternative sources for when it is contested or denied.

Join us at the 2022 PNT Summit to hear leaders from across the services explore methods for assuring access to resilient, robust PNT to maintain the continuity of daily operations and the execution of all joint force missions. The event will discuss what the services are doing to deliver on the Senate Armed Services Committee’s order to provide an alternative source of PNT to Combatant Commanders by 2023, and this year’s Assured PNT Summit panel will bring together industry members to discuss the opportunities for collaboration in developing space based PNT systems and ways to foster a responsible use of PNT. Attendees at this year’s event will have the unique opportunity to discuss, ask questions, and share comments on how to deliver navigational warfare capabilities to combatant commanders, build anti-jamming satellites and GPS signals, pursue modular open systems architectures for interoperability, and strengthening the resiliency of the PNT enterprise.

DSI’s team specializes in the extensive research and development of our Symposiums’ content and focus areas. We assemble the most respected minds in the PNT communities, as well as the key policymakers across military and civilian offices. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers.

*Summit is Closed to The Press/ No Recordings*

Topics covered at the 2022 Summit:

– DOT Efforts to Deliver Secure, Resilient Civil PNT Systems for Navigation and Transportation- Providing Oversight to Deliver the Military Advantage in PNT-Enabled Operations- Modernizing the Development of APNT to Ensure Operational Mobility for Soldiers in Denied, Degraded Environments- Fostering Collaboration Among Federal Government and DOD to Strengthen the Resilience of the PNT Enterprise

– Managing Risk and Boosting Resilient PNT for Homeland Security

– Ensuring Uncontested Air Force Dominance with Advanced Space Technologies

– NIST’s Efforts to Protect the Accuracy and Security of Timekeeping

– Panel: Industry’s Perspective on Advancing Space-Based PNT


At Our Summit You Have the Ability To:

Gain Education & Insight: Walk away with knowledge gained from our senior level speakers on some of the complex challenges facing our PNT communities.

Build Partnerships: The agenda is designed to allow for ample networking opportunities and the ability to engage in constructive dialogue among all in attendance.

Influence: Help foster ideas. Share your own insight and knowledge during our interactive sessions. All attendees are encouraged to address our speaker faculty and each other with their questions, comments or ideas.


Exhibit and Sponsorship Information:

The Assured PNT Summit provides opportunities including exhibit space, round table discussions, product demonstrations, and networking receptions.

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Operating Guidance for Government Attendees:

DSI’s Summit directly supports DoD & Federal Government priorities by providing a conduit for officials to efficiently reach audiences outside of their respective offices that directly impact their organization’s overall mission success, at no charge to the government, and in an efficient expenditure of time.

DSI’s Summit will provide a forum to address and improve internal and external initiatives, meet with and hear from partner organizations, disseminate vital capability requirements to industry, increase visibility within the larger community, and generally support their mission.

The Summit is open and complimentary to all DoD and Federal Government employees and is considered an educational and training forum.