Attendee Profile

Personnel from DoD, Military Services, Government Agencies, Industry, and Academia with job titles of people doing include:

Vice President, Assured PNT at Integrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S); Systems Coordinator, Assured PNT; Assured Positioning, Navigation, and Timing (APNT) SME; PNT Engineer; Head, GNSS Tech & Nav; Assured PNT Campaign Lead; Director, Technical Oversight; Executive Director; Chief Systems Engineer; Sr. Manager for PNT and RF Machine Learning; Product Manager – Mounted Position, Navigation, & Timing (PNT); Lead Associate, Senior Systems Engineer for PNT; Director, Machine Intelligence and Autonomy; Mounted A-PNT Test Lead; Senior Chief Scientist; Division leader for Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT); Chief, PNT Architecture Standards; VP, Engineering; PNT Strategy Technical Lead; GPS User Equipment SME; Strategic Product Manager; Director, Navigation and Sensor Systems; Associate Director, Weapons PNT; Chief, Space Capabilities; Senior PNT / GPS Planner; Senior Emerging Technologies Systems Engineer; Chief, Advanced Technology Division; Vice President for PNT Technologies; Vice President, Advanced Programs Development, Military Space; Weapons PNT Customer Requirements Manager; Chief, GPS Operations; Principal Satellite Comms Systems Engineer; S&T Lead; Source Analyst III (GPS/PNT) ; VP, Director, PNT Products Division; Senior Cyber Resilience Engineer; Chief Architect; Chief, Strategic Defense Initiatives; Director of Space Technologies and Development; Technical Director; Director, Technology Integration; Navigation Cell Chief; Project Manager; President, Resilient Navigation & Timing; Research Scientist

Those People Capturing Business:

Space Superiority Strategic Account Manager; Director of Innovation and Partnerships; Technology Strategy and Capture Lead; VP, Government Sales; VP, Government Relations; Chief, Strategic Engagement; CTO-Defense; Lead – Business Development (DoD); Business Development Manager | Communication Solutions & Assured PNT Systems; Capture Management Principal; Acquisitions Program Manager; VP, Business Development; Systems Team Technical Manager; Senior EW Program Manager; Technical Director; Systems Engineer; Director, Information Warfare & Systems Survivability; Field Sales Manager; DoD Account Executive